who we are

Pure Percent is a collective of cross-industry experts that collaborate to produce the multi-disciplinary results that we do.  We are researchers, strategists,  futurists, writers, art directors, directors, production managers, liveshow producers, directors of photography, motion picture editors, VFX artists, animators, graphic designers, web coders, software engineers, and ecosystem thinkers working across industry all around the world.  We tell stories, create worlds and make gravity.

what we do

We make content.  Livestream, Recorded, or Unscripted.  We listen & create conversation.  Through film & video, apps, social media, live & online shows, events, and pre visualisation materials.  We create communities.  Grounded in collaborative goals between stakeholders, thought leaders, brands, non-for-profits, government, and their respective consumers.  Conferences, Concerts, Summits, Panel Discussions, Festivals and Online Remote Experiences.  We enhance experiences.  Through existing and emerging technology.  Our multi-disciplinary work has earned the right to live on television, big screen, mobile phones and city landscapes.  We grow & develop content ecosystems around industry goals.