Client Identity

Air Canada, founded in 1937, is the largest airline in Canada. Air transport for passengers and cargo is provided to 207 destinations worldwide. Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is the oldest publicly funded college, located in Toronto, Canada. The college is a cornerstone for the local community, as well as, a destination for many international students.

Centennial College partnered together with Air Canada, to create a world class Aviation co-op program. This experience provides students with the placement and job opportunities in a variety of industry organizations such as aircraft maintenance, airlines, air operators, flight training and Government Organizations.


The mission was to inspire more young people to attend Centennial’s Aviation program, which wasn’t well known at the time. Championed by the production company Nine Hundred Pictures Inc., we were able to document the experience of the program.  Explored through the perspectives of two Aviation students and Air Canada’s Senior Director Brad Warren, who is also a Centennial College alumni.

We created a video piece that encapsulates the exclusive Aviation program partnership. Students experience everything from working on the interior of the latest aircraft, to servicing the aircraft, to changing an actual airplane engine.