manifesto festival

Client Identity

Founded in 2007, Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture is a celebration of hip-hop culture and beyond. The non-profit, youth-powered platform was designed to showcase local artists and create events aimed at cultivating multi-disciplinary artistic and professional development for young people across a variety of mediums.

Now in its 15th year, the festival continues to provide carefully curated programming in music, visual arts, dance and more – through concerts, art shows, block parties, workshops, summits.

the challenge

Story, Tone & Stategy

they gave us access to:

250+ 5- 15 40- 50 100+ 60K FULL


WHAT CAN WE CONVERT THIS OPPORTUNITY INTO?  WHAT CAN WE BUILD AROUND ALL OF THIS? By 2010, Manifesto had established early success and already demonstrated an ability to create strong community gravity.  The third year had a curation of events running annually, culminating with a large free open city concert in the heart of Toronto.  Manifesto board of directors invited us to help scale the organization with the aid of new media.