Client Identity

Richtree Market Restaurants Inc. operates market-style, open-kitchen restaurants founded by Jorg and Marian Reichert in 1996. Previously to that the Reicherts owned several Mövenpick franchises in Toronto and held the North American franchise rights to the Mövenpick name. They had pioneered the open market concept in 1992 when they had opened the first Mövenpick Marché in the former BCE Place, now Brookfield place, in Toronto.

The food experience was brought back to the roots.  The story of farmers, the process of growing, harvesting, distributing and finally converting into culinary works of art was in a decline with the rise of fast food.  The swiss style marketplace had 15-20 boutique restaurants, decorated to give a feel of where each cultural dish came from.   Food was inspired from Asia and Europe.  

Unlike typical fast-food, the love and respect Richtree had for food gave us a canvas to paint the story of how their dishes are created.  Richtree marketplace partnered with Intangible media and Pure Percent to bring the story of food to the forefront of their stores.


Intangible media surveyed potential stories that came from a variety of options available to hungry patrons.  We narrowed down the most popular dishes and we worked with RichTree Executive Chef to source where all the raw ingredients came from.  It was decided the story had to tell the whole supply chain story. 

We started by going to the Ontario farms that supplied it’s produce, dairy, meat and grain.  Executive Chef Andre Walker brought us to the various farmlands where he sourced Richtree’s ingredients.  We brought our gear, got dirty in the mud, experience the seeding and harvesting, captured the process and got to taste some of the freshest ingredients from the ground.

These raw ingredients were then brought into a set decorated kitchen.  We worked with Chef Andre as he walked the audience through the conversion of raw ingredients to culinary works of art.