Client Identity

Established in 1969, Honda Canada is one of Canada’s five largest automobile manufacturers.  They employ approximately 4,600 people in their plants located in Alliston, ON.  Honda Canada and its group of Honda and Acura dealerships employ about 19,000 people across the country.

Honda Canada also produces for markets outside.  Exporting to the United States, Japan & 10 other countries.  They are capable of manufacturing 390,000 units a year from their Alliston plants.

With a mission to support communities towards a greener world.  Their objective is to accelerate mobility on roads, water & air.  From developing self-driving vehicles to mobility assist devices.  All with the goal of engineering safer automobiles for a collision-free world.


Based on the popularity of unboxing videos of new tech products by consumers.  Honda wanted their story told about the new Pilot & to feel as realistic as possible.  Simulating a customer receiving their new vehicle from a delivery service in a huge Amazon like box seemed the best way.  In the excitement they decide to film the process on their phone for YouTube.  The goal of the video is to identify the new features in this vehicle through the story of an unboxing.

A documentary filmmaking style was taken with a spontaneous “unprofessional feel” to seem more natural.  We decided to locate in suburbia, this seemed fitting per their demographic.  With a small crew our DP used natural lighting to shoot from the customers POV.  The art department built a life size box 8’x18’x7’ & filled it up with packing peanuts and added shipping labels for authenticity.  We followed the customers journey from receiving the shipment to experiencing the vehicle’s new improvements.

The final video consisted of a narrated video of a 1 hour unboxing edited into a 3 min video.   Post production was a 2 week period.  The final video received YouTube comments from viewers believing it was real.

Use storytelling to describe the passion Honda technicians have about their jobs.  Take everyday scenarios and add an unexpected fun reveal.  The spots should represent complete reality.

We converted a Honda’s executives home into a film set.  Art department had a big role, creating a spring garden when there was still snow on the ground.  They had to melt the snow before laying artificial turf.  They also created framed Honda wall art & sourced props. We casted a Honda technician & used his official uniform.